27 February 2013

To gain the full value of Big Data you need a modern data platform that manages data of any type, whether structured or unstructured, and of any size – from gigabytes to petabytes. Wonder what Hadoop, HDFS, Pig, Hive, HBase and all the other crazy words mean? How does it integrate with the Microsoft platform? What are the trends in the Big Data world?

Wesley Backelant

In his role as a Technology Advisor at Microsoft, Wesley is responsible for helping customers understand the capabilities of SQL Server and the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack. Before joining Microsoft, Wesley was a Database Architect working on some of the largest implementations of SQL Server in Belgium. Wesley started his professional career in the SQL Server 6.5 timeframe and remained true to his passion ever since. Wesley is active on Twitter where he handles topics related to his favorite technology. @WesleyBackelant

Nathan Bijnens

Nathan is a developer with a passion for great code, the web and Big Data. He is interested in programming and system administration, especially where they meet, from scaling platforms to designing the architecture of new and existing products and everything in between. He is focused on data analysis and building Big Data Applications. Regularly uses Hadoop, in combination with Hadoop Pig and Hive. Most of his experience is at the infrastructure side, but he’s learning more about Business Intelligence and visualizing big data. He follows the rise of real-time big data closely, actively developing applications on top of Storm. He advises on Big Data Strategies and evangelizes Big Data to clients and at conferences. @nathan_gs


Thank you SQL Usergroup for inviting us. Check out more info at the SQLUG blog, SQLUG, Big Data, February 27 with Wesley Backelant and Nathan Bijnens.

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